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How to Minimise Student Dropout Rates

How to Minimise Student Dropout Rates At the moment, the UK has one of the best university retention rates in the world. 71% of the UK’s students complete their courses, compared to 49% in the US and 31% in Australia. However, with increased fees, a volatile job market, and the fact that few institutions have…

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The Life Cycle of a Mattress

The journey of the mattress has been one of innovation, creativity, and varying levels of comfort. From sleeping on leaves, to discovering the waterbed in 3,600 BC, the mattress continues to play a pivotal role in how we shape our sleep. Discover the creation of the mattress, how to ensure your properties are fire-safety compliant,…

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Mental Health: How Can Student Accommodation Providers Provide Support

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  Living away from home for the first time is scary. For a young person with a small sum of money to last an entire semester, the pressures of studying and the move away from their support networks can be the start of serious mental health issues. Sure, to many students it’s all an adventure but to an…

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