2017’s must-visit student accommodation trade shows

We always try to stay ahead of the game by making sure we’re as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to the student accommodation industry.

But how do we do this? Well, there are a few ways – we speak to lots of our contacts in the trade to learn about the issues they face, while we also attend trade shows in the UK and across Europe.

Basically, we do anything we can to make sure we’re offering the best furniture solutions possible to our clients.

So, armed with our knowledge we thought we’d make ourselves useful by providing a list of the student accommodation trade shows you should go to in 2017.

1. The Class of 2020 – The Class Conference 2017

The Class of 2020 rightfully describes itself as ‘the leading student housing platform’. Last year, we proudly sponsored The Class Conference 2016 in Vienna. The main theme of the conference was learning hubs, with The Class of 2020 co-founder, Frank Uffen, telling us that modern learning takes place “in hubs where minds meet, on campuses that invite you to linger and connect, in shared student kitchens, study areas and the local cafe”.

The conference was a riveting eye-opener and we can’t wait for the next exciting installment at The Class Conference 2017 in Lisbon in November.

If last year is anything to go by, it will host some of the brightest minds in the student housing sector.

2. Student Accommodation Conference 2017

Each December property giants Property Week hosts Student Accommodation, an annual conference which is the UK’s longest running event of its kind.

This vibrant conference takes place in London and manages to attract all the key players. During the conference you are likely to see a collection of policymakers, investors, university representatives, consultants, private developers and students.

If you want to discover the latest industry insights, you really need to book a place at the 10th annual Student Accommodation Conference.

3. CUBO Summer Conference 2017

CUBO, for those who aren’t aware, is the professional association for senior managers in higher education. The annual summer conference will be held in The University of Kent and provides attendees the opportunity to network with suppliers and other useful agents in the sector.

The event is well worth attending if you want to learn from the industry’s movers and shakers.


ASRA’s Annual Student Accommodation Conference takes place in April and is the largest student accommodation conference in the UK and Ireland.

ASRA’s objectives are to support the professional activities of individuals working in student accommodation, to provide a network for information and opportunities for professional development, and to provide a forum for representation, consultation and discussion of professional interests.

Each year these aims are physically realised with its annual conference where sector groups get together and discuss the ever-changing student housing industry.


5. Student Housing 2017

Student Housing’s goal is to point out the next big opportunity areas for those investing and operating in student housing. Put simply, if you want to make money in the student housing world, you need to be there.

The event takes place in London in May where keynote speakers will analyse international investment, discuss what investors have to say, and make predictions about the future..

We hope to see you there.

Who knows, if you go to one of these shows, you might end up bumping into the Student Furniture team.

If, in the meantime, you’re looking for advice on furnishing a student accommodation, just take a look at our blog – it’s bursting with advice.


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