Accommodation Providers: Are You Ready For Clearing?


Today is one of the most important in the student Calendar – the day that 416, 310 new students have had their university places confirmed. As you’ll well know this will mean a flurry of excited accepted applicants rushing to get a place in their preferred accommodation and a myriad of new enquiries scoping out what’s on offer. As accommodation providers start to get their numbers confirmed ready for those with allocated places, it’s time to prepare for last minute bookings from the 129,20 students eligible for clearing.

An Analysis Of This Year’s Results

The number of English 18 year olds placed this year has increased to 171,330, a year-on-year increase of 630, despite a fall in the population. The entry rate for English 18 year olds is also up at 27.5%, the highest seen on an A level results day.

On the international front there are currently 26,090 placed applicants from the EU despite the uncertainly following the Brexit vote, that only 740 less than last year.

International Student numbers are also up from outside the EU with a year-on-year increase of 1,030 (4%). Most which are heading to high tariff institutions, showing that the perceived value of a good degree from the UK remains strong across the globe.

How Can Student-Furniture Help?

With a broad knowledge the market, our Student-Furniture team are on hand to help fulfil those last-minute orders to get your accommodation ready for September.

With online reviews seemingly being at the centre of the selection process, we understand the importance of comfort and quality in your accommodation. Our expert team can help you select the perfect products from our catalogue of tried-and-tested student favourites and brand-new products sure to add that extra touch that students love.

Our most popular products even come with our student proof seal meaning they’ve been rigorously tested to withstand the student-lifestyle.­

The Race Is On

With just a matter of weeks until the new term begins, it’s all stations go for those in the PBSA game, which is why we’ve filled our warehouse with the essentials and have a fleet of 25 vans travelling country-wide to fulfil your last-minute orders.


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