Amenity Spaces

Common rooms and amenity spaces are integral to student accommodation, providing space for residents to relax and socialise in a comfortable environment – it also helps if they’re stylish too.

There’s an art to creating pleasant living spaces that encourage socialising, learning and easy living. At Student-Furniture, we never overlook this. Amenity spaces are, as well as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, a focal point of our service and at the heart of all desirable student accommodation.

The stylish furniture we procure – or design and build from scratch if you wish – is tailor-made to impress students, and to influence them to choose your accommodation.

The psychology behind amenity space design

Social facilitation is the tendency for people to do better on simple tasks when in the presence of others – a process we understand. That's why we ensure we create the perfect environment for personal development and academic achievement in all of our fit outs.

Learn more about our design ethos in our blog.

The design process

We will work with you and your interior designer to create a concept for the amenity space, and produce a full schedule for the furniture, fixtures and equipment. If you don't have an interior designer, our in-house team can helpz you realise your vision.

Download our psychology of design guide.

Sourcing products

You have our extensive product catalogue at your fingertips, including pieces we have specifically selected with amenity spaces in mind. Alternatively, we can source bespoke products to fit your design.

We source globally through our network of suppliers, finding new suppliers and products whenever necessary to fulfil the brief, and always within your budget.

Learn more about our design and product sourcing process.

Meeting your brief

To meet your specification, we consider floor plans, room function and budget. Where required, we source new products and provide bespoke products.

We know that your branding is important, and we endeavour to channel your brand through colours, fabrics and finishes. We also provide artwork and accessories that will help add your brand's spirit to the amenity space.

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