How to choose a furniture provider for student accommodation

It’s a big decision choosing which furniture provider to go for, and there’s a lot of things you need to consider before you make that decision.

For students, choosing the right accommodation is also a big choice, having a huge impact on the rest of their year. Queen Margaret University Edinburgh’s Student Accommodation Survey found that students based their accommodation choice on how good the facilities are.

With a big decision to make, landlords have a lot to consider when finding the right furniture provider for them. Here’s how you can help find the perfect provider for their student accommodation.


Modern trends

Where possible, students will go for accommodation that looks and feels modern. Given the opportunity, not many people would choose an outdated property against something sleek and contemporary.

In fact, the QMU Student Accommodation Survey found that one of the key factors in choosing a property was how modern the accommodation looked. To understand what is in at the moment, look at the latest interior trends and find a provider that can showcase these trends within your budget and capabilities.

If you can’t afford an exact match, go for similar aesthetics to still capture that look and feel. Most importantly, make sure you design a productive environment for your students to live and study in.

Quality of products142flat-b-park-view-peel-street_44923e8e

Whilst it’s all very good providing modern furniture, you need to ensure you are investing in a good quality product.

Many providers will have a showroom where you can go and inspect the products up close, and if they don’t – you may want to second guess why not. Take a look through case studies and reviews of the provider, how recommended are they and how long have they been providing furniture for?


It’s important to think about the effect that your furniture has on the environment, particularly if you’re a landlord with many properties. Look out for a furniture provider that has clear intentions of offering sustainable products. It’s even better if the furniture you purchase can be recycled, or even made from recycled materials.

Installation and aftercare

Not having to worry about setting furniture up and then replacing it can be a great load off the mind for landlords – and it’s still something that not all providers offer.

Knowing that your provider will deal with installing your furniture will let you focus your time and energy on other aspects of the business. Here at Student Furniture, we also provide an aftercare service. When the product is ready to be removed or replaced, we will deal with all of this for you, and as we are environmentally focused, we follow a strict ethical disposal policy.

Ensure that your provider wants to continue the relationship further than the sale and offers a quick response should anything go wrong and you need any repairs – it can really make the difference to a landlord.

Building on a conceptsummer-office-student-work-large1

The relationship with your furniture provider is much more than just you buying their items and them sending them to you. Find a furniture provider that is prepared to work together with you on your concept and helps to ‘accommodate’ your needs.

If you have a general idea but don’t know how to make it a reality, you want your provider to help give you options and suggestions to complement your idea.

The furniture provider for you

There are plenty of things of consider when it comes to choosing the right provider for you. If you consider the likes of sustainability, quality of products and service you can furnish your property whilst enjoying total peace of mind.

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