How Facilities Managers Can Help Students Succeed

With so much on their plates, students need to be able to rest, revise, and write essays in the comfort of their homes away from home. Hence why contemporary student accommodation is expected to provide a lot more than just a roof overhead – or even a place where the WiFi connects itself for that matter.

We’ve listed a few simple measures you can take to create a standout property that’ll not only boost the value of your property but also lead your student tenants on the path to academic success.

Brighten Up the Room

There’s nothing more relaxing for a student than walking into a crisp, bright room after a long day of back-to-back lectures; it’ll really declutter their mind. In this case, presentation is everything because it makes the idea of spending another three hours revising in the room less of a chore.

If there’s no getting around the fact that the room lacks natural light, opt for a brighter base colour to increase the sense of space and airiness. Your best bets are light pastels, off-whites, and whites, because they reflect light and look clean too. In addition, it’s worth noting that white lights can aid concentration, whereas yellow lights are calming, so choose your lightbulbs wisely depending on the mood you want to set for your tenants.

Peace and Quiet

Newsflash: noisy rooms don’t make the best revision set-ups. Something as minimal as carpeting the floor with a rug can help absorb soundwaves within the room – not to mention a comfortably plush floor will make the prospect of getting out of bed much less daunting too.

Apart from cushioning the bottom surface of the room, strategic furniture arrangements can block sound transmission. Always place heavier furniture such as the bed, wardrobe, and desk against the walls, and if possible, make sure empty spaces are filled up with functional furniture to absorb vibrations.

By drowning out distracting noises, each of your tenants will be able to appreciate their own little slice of tranquility in the hectic world of higher education, and will be much better equipped to focus on the assignments at hand.

The Power of a Personal Workspace

Having a dedicated study space is key to productive revision, because as cozy as the bed may be for late-night Netflixing, it’s not a comfortable position to sit and pull an all-nighter on the dissertation.

It doesn’t take much to furnish a study area – a desk, a chair, and perhaps a bookshelf or two will do the trick – and we guarantee that your tenants will be deeply grateful for your efforts.

Alternatively, consider turning a communal area into a shared workspace. Think in the style of a coworking space: it will see like-minded individuals gather around to break bread and exchange ideas or work on group presentations.

Isolation and social difficulties are real underlying causes of student choosing to drop out. By creating a social space, you’re providing them opportunities to integrate in social groups, and thus, increasing student retention.

An Effective Room Design

There’s a real science and psychology behind designing a room beyond tidying it up to appear presentable. Since students are bombarded with options these days, it’s paramount that a property conveys a lifestyle choice that’ll benefit prospective tenants as well as their academic ventures at the very first glance.

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