Future-proof furniture

On Thursday 3rd November Student Furniture launched two new furniture pieces at the prominent Class of 2020 Conference in Vienna. The conference is the leading platform on student housing and featured panels, debates and power sessions discussing the future of student living in Europe.

Student Furniture believes its new pieces fall in line with the tenets of 21st -century student lifestyle: flexibility, connectivity and collaboration. Tesse and BLOK are DIY sofas: Design It Yourself. They are modular which means they are made of different parts that can be easily mixed and matched in tune with the user.

Tesse is the innovation-award-winning armchair that doubles as a sofa, a bed and whatever else you want it to be! It works entirely around the user. Oftentimes, this is the student who spends as much time relaxing and studying individually as they do collaborating with peers.


Similarly, BLOK is the sofa that can be assembled and arranged to suit you. Both Tesse and BLOK link to the concept of  building blocks: allowing adaptability and creativity while remaining strong, durable pieces. Student Furniture believes this is what the future of student living is all about.

Student Furniture is proud to be working with the Class of 2020, and most of all we are passionate about bringing the “Future of Furniture” to you.

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