A Landlord’s Guide to Furnishing Student Property

As the market for student accommodation grows, securing tenants each year becomes more competitive so it’s important that your property is visible and appealing to prospective tenants. The modern student is more concerned than ever about securing stylish, comfortable accommodation which will cater to their social life and studies in equal measure.

Gone are the days of damp, shabby and crowded student halls; university housing should be thoughtfully designed, furnished to a high standard, and offer bright and functional communal spaces. Ensuring your property caters to the modern student by following these furnishing and design tips is key to securing tenants.

Stylish, thoughtful design

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. As the university property market grows, students are bombarded with options when it comes to finding a place to call home. In order to stand out amongst your competitors, making a strong first impression is essential.

While looks certainly aren’t everything, the initial reaction of prospective tenants will be prompted by the property’s visual appeal, and attractive design will help you stick in their minds. Students will be drawn to sleek, contemporary design and left underwhelmed by outdated furniture and decor.

We recently looked into the impact of design on health and wellbeing, and found lighting, colour and effective usage of space to be powerful tools when creating a positive and functional environment. Student accommodation should be designed with these aspects in mind to encourage a good balance of productivity and relaxation as potential residents will be weighing up how well they’ll be able to live and work in your property.

High-quality, functional furniture

Stereotypical student accommodation involves second-hand, mismatched furniture that’s seen better days. If you’re investing money in student housing, it’s in your best interest to show it in its best light by making optimum usage of space and furnishing it with high-quality furniture that lends itself to the needs of your tenants.

Instead of opting for an ‘eclectic’ mix of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a jumble sale, put some thought into what students will be able to make the most of. Search online to find retailers that stock furniture that can offer style, comfort and durability within your budget. Many suppliers of student furniture are experts in creating spaces that students will love, so if you’re struggling to bring your vision to life, enlist their help and draw on their experience.

Must-have mod cons

A recent survey found that students prioritise high-speed wifi second only to security. With this in mind, a strong internet connection is essential when it comes to getting student tenants through the door and keeping them satisfied.

For students, it’s not just wifi that’s important; the days of living with the bare minimum are gone. Notoriously living ‘on a shoestring’, students want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth when it comes to accommodation. More than a place to sleep, students expect their homes to include the following appliances as a bare minimum when they move in:

● Washing machine
● Fridge freezer
● Cooker
● Vacuum cleaner
● Power shower

Communal living spaces

Modern living in student accommodation is all about collaboration. While personal space is important, it’s essential to ensure that communal spaces are designed to cater to your tenants living and working in harmony together.

If you follow design trends of workplaces and academic settings, you’ll be aware of a shift in the way people are working, following the thinking that people work better when surrounded by colleagues or peers. Impress your prospective student tenants; show them that you’ve thought you’ve thought about their living and studying arrangements by creating spaces they can share with their house and classmates.

The science to designing student accommodation

At Student Furniture, we know that university accommodation should be more than temporary lodgings for students. When leaving home, students are looking for a place to call their own that will be the heart of their university life.

We have the experience to take you from design to delivery, whether you simply require a supplier and installation or need a hand bringing your ideas to life.

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