At Student-Furniture, we procure our furniture from all over the world. We travel to various locations to personally meet designers and suppliers, in order to ensure a high-quality product collection. We carefully handle the importation, warehousing and distribution of our furniture. With our global links, we procure only the best products for accommodation providers.


In China we sourced some of our Student-Furniture staples. The latest in design combined with skilled craftsmanship make for bold, sturdy pieces that are perfect for modern accommodation. Our wide range of chairs and bar stools are perfect for student common areas, from study amenities to kitchens.


Through product procurement in India, we tapped into the “industrial” design trend. Exposed metal and chunky pine add a refined edge to student property and accommodation. We sourced the materials and the designs to curate a selection of products perfect for providers looking for stylish industrial interiors.


In Poland, we procure the latest in European sofa design. We work with designers to create a collection of sofas that are comfortable, practical, and stylish - perfect for students.


In Germany, deep history meets uber-cool modernity, and our procurement reflects this. The furniture incorporates mid-century design for a classic, trendy look that is ideal for accommodation providers seeking to create a chic look in their property or development.


Our specialist designers in Malaysia mix inspiration from Western design with craftsmanship from the East. Here, we found pastel colours, geometric shapes and a twinning of soft and hard surfaces. Our Malaysian pieces are perfect for creating light and bright spaces, essential for students.

  • Bianca Chair Bianca Chair
  • Emma


In Vietnam, we found adaptable, on-trend pieces that are at the height of innovation. The practicality of the shape, size and construction of the Vietnamese pieces are perfect for relaxation zones and communal areas in student accommodation.

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