How To Promote Happiness & Wellbeing In Your Student Accommodation

The leap to university can be a daunting experience. One in four UK students suffer from mental health problems, fitting the wider patchwork of contemporary anxiety and depression in the developed world. Yet our environments have a part to play in how we feel… Bland, greying structures are bound to spur symptoms of mental disassociation, instead of helping new students communicate and thrive.

Happiness and wellbeing can be topped up through great architecture, accommodation interiors and social provisions. Student accommodation developers might like to consider some of the following ways for helping students feel good about themselves.

Create a communal garden

The search for authenticity is a major concern for today’s student market. Arguably, one of these goals is a retreat to nature, even within the cloistered skyline of a city. Accommodation sites with a garden have something that others can’t hope to replicate – an appeal to our natural instincts for space, light and greenery.

By making it a communal project, developers and landlords put the onus on students to keep the garden healthy through the year. They can water it, tend the plants, and respect the turf when a lot of people are using it over spring and summer. It’s a welcome change of scenery for those who might otherwise be cooped in their rooms for long hours.

Design fitness facilities

They don’t have to be grand or massively expensive. A fitness centre can merely take the form of a small workout spot, with multiple offshoots for games and group activities. Trampolines, weights, rowing machines and more can give residents a boost when they really need it.

However, outdoor fitness is (potentially) even better for physical/mental wellness. A basketball court may trump a cardio room for the amount of value students get out of it, from an emotional and social perspective.

Choose beautiful, distinctive artworks

Neutrality is, in some respects, an important stylistic approach for accommodation sites. But it should never tip over into an aesthetic that doesn’t say anything provocative or meaningful. Wall art is the perfect example: it can be a hazy, pastel-hued portrait of a flower on a white frame, or a vivacious canvas scene that is trying to hit a deeper level of enjoyment and insight.

Art should make people think. It should also be willing to light the flame of discussion. Accommodation providers who use it more as a talking point, instead of a peripheral item, are likely to inspire their students more than those who don’t.

Install the latest furniture

Above all, students should never feel trapped, bored or unmotivated in their accommodation World-class furniture – at a price that developers or landlords can afford – is sure to increase the satisfaction students might feel and give them a feeling of home from home.

Student Furniture have a wide selection of student furniture for your student property. Each of them are sustainably sourced, meeting modern day demands, whilst never falling short on material strength and excellent design. We have chairs, tables, sofas, beds and accessories to mix within your student floorplan.

Happiness is hard to define, but an environment can influence those steps to making a student journey less stressful and alienating. Contact Student Furniture today for advice on what to craft as an accommodation provider, leading students to a place they can call home from home.




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