Student Furniture at Class of 2020

There are currently 4 days left to register for the Class of 2020 conference in Vienna next month, at which Student Furniture are exhibiting. Arguably the most important platform in its sector – this event is not to be missed!

But what is Class of 2020?…

The Class of 2020 is network of student accommodation partners, providers and suppliers, set up with the goal of “furthering professionalism and knowledge of student housing in Europe and beyond”. What started as a platform for the Dutch market grew into a Europe-wide think tank. This is particularly exciting for the UK where investment in student accommodation has shot up in the past few years. Changes in student funding, technology and the scope and accessibility of universities mean that the accommodation sector needs to advance alongside these factors and work in conjunction with key stakeholders.

This year Student Furniture will be showcasing brand new furniture, tailor-made for the student accommodation sector. The conference theme is “Learning hubs: The future of the University City” which hints at the changing nature of space at university. At one time, students had a classroom in which to learn, and a dormitory bedroom in which to sleep. Nowadays, learning takes place, according to Class of 2020 co-founder, Franfe Uffen:

“in hubs where minds meet, on campuses that invite you to linger and connect, in shared student kitchens, study areas and the local café”.

In other words it is more communal and connected. We at student furniture are committed to helping provide functional and modern accommodation to students, and we have a passion for communal and amenity zones. This exciting period only spurs us on to continue providing quality student accommodation and see what 2020 will bring us!

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