Student-Furniture Is Now A Member Of FIRA



At Student-Furniture, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our products and services and always ensure that our products meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

We understand students so we know that in order to withstand the student lifestyle and those inevitable parties and spillages our furniture needs to tough. We always work with trusted suppliers but in order to access further quality and safety testing we’ve decided to join FIRA to ensure that every batch of furniture is Student-proof. 

This is a very exciting partnership for Student-Furniture as access to FIRA’s rigorous testing procedures will ensure that all our products are as safe and as durable as possible. FIRA is the largest Furniture Association in the UK and has been established since 1949. It provides a wide range of dedicated knowledge based technical support to the Global Furniture Supply chain and consumers across all market sectors.  

FIRA’s testing includes;  

  • Flammability and physical performance tests on fabrics, foams, mattresses and cushions (upholstery) 
  • Safety, strength and durability testing on finished products including seating, tables and storage furniture 
  • Performance tests on adhesives and boards 
  • Bespoke testing services 
  • Development of new test methods 
  • Assessment of instructions and flat pack assembly 
  • User trials 
  • Dimensional assessment against ergonomic Standards 
  • Design concept evaluation 

We want our customers to receive the best products from across the globe and access to this extensive testing will mean that every batch of product from our current and future suppliers will always meet the mark so that our customers can have every confidence in Student-Furniture.




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