What do students look out for when choosing their accommodation?

For first-year students, choosing what accommodation they’ll stay in while at university is an important life decision.

It’s an exciting time, and even though students won’t have the keen eye of a house-buyer yet, there are certain things they’ll be on the lookout for when choosing their accommodation.

Whether it’s generous social spaces or regular cleaners, there are some things you can implement to ensure that your accommodation stands out from the crowd.

The furniture

The first thing a future student is going to see when they view their accommodation is the type of furniture on show. You can have the fastest WiFi, the best location, and lots of space, but if your furniture is old-fashioned, unkempt or uncomfortable, it’s going to put potential tenants off immediately.

Students will be attracted by the space, colours, lighting and aesthetics of a room. The type of furniture in a room is that important that it can have an effect on the brain, body and behaviour of building users.

The student demographic will want to see furniture that encourages productivity and wellbeing. Make use of the space on offer by investing in stylish yet fun pieces.

Great shared spaces

When potential students begin looking for accommodation, it’s likely that this will be their first time living out of the family home. As a result, shared social areas will be of utmost importance to students.

From spacious, warm kitchens and living areas, to communal spaces for the whole block, it’s worth taking the time to create environments in which students can socialise together. Whether for movie nights, study groups or even table tennis tournaments, shared spaces are very important.

Take a look at our future-proof furniture – not only will it stay in fashion, but it will also  endure the general wear and tear that student furniture so often takes.

Colour scheme

Colour has a massive effect on our feelings, and it’s so important when it comes to first impressions. Make sure you choose colours carefully.

For example:

  • White usually represents cleanliness, yet should be paired with other colours to avoid rooms that look sterile
  • Red can create warm environments, but if overused it can lead to aggressive-looking spaces (not what you want for a group of students!)
  • Yellow is associated with happiness and can work well with natural lights to create a peaceful environment

For more information about which colours work well in different rooms, check out our guide, The Psychology of Design.


The importance of location cannot be underestimated. You can offer the most beautiful furniture, fully-equipped spaces and an inclusive rent, but if your building is in the middle of nowhere, you might find it hard to fill the rooms.

For some students, the most important thing is to be in walking distance from their university. For others, close proximity to bars, clubs or shopping centres will be what sways them.

What’s included in the price

If a potential tenant has all their bills included in their monthly rent, they will feel much more comfortable. When bills are separate, having to budget, or the idea of possibly falling behind on bills, is likely to put many students off signing.

As well as this, some accommodation offers added extras into the price, like a regular cleaner or gym access. If this is something you can sort out for your building, it’s well worth investing in to make sure your accommodation blows away the competition.


Although it may seem inconsequential, access to high-speed broadband and WiFi is one of the most important things for students when choosing where to live. Students now do most of their work online, watch TV via the internet, and communicate predominantly through social media. If you have slow broadband, or even worse, no access at all, this will have a massive impact on the amount of tenants you attract.

Make sure your WiFi is as good as it can be, and if possible, include it in the monthly rent for tenants.

Make things as easy as possible

First-year students looking for their accommodation are all about convenience and appearance. Ensure that your furniture looks modern, your shared spaces are utilised, and your colour schemes are considered and bills are convenient, and you’ll have students queuing to fill a room.

For more information on creating a great space for students, take a look at the five things students hate about their accommodation.

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