The Psychology of Design

There’s a real science behind designing a room – it’s more than just creating a space that looks the part, it’s also about thinking deeper about the psychology of design.

When it comes to student property, the idea is to create a space which is comfortable and encourages productivity. The accommodation will be used as a study space, a place to unwind after a day of lectures and exams, and a recreational hub for friends to catch up in too.

The way you design a property will have a knock-on effect to how the tenant uses, and gets the most out of, the available space. With that in mind, our latest guide has looked into how you can create that perfect living space for your tenants.

Whether it’s feng shui: the ancient Chinese art of allowing energy to flow naturally, using colours to enhance positive moods, or aiding relaxation by using the right balance of light; we’ve got you covered.


Taking heed of this guide will not only see your property’s ambience impress those who come for a viewing, but will also make inhabitant’s time living in your property a far more positive experience.

Student Furniture firmly believes in helping landlords and accommodation providers to create well-designed and functioning environments that will ultimately encourage creative development.
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