Top five things students hate about their accommodation

For the majority of students, moving into halls of residence will be the first time they’ve ever lived away from their parents or guardians.

Their student accommodation is a little slice of home and their first taste of independence, so many people look back on their halls of residence fondly. There are, however, some aspects of student accommodation that annoy almost every student – even the ones who think a “deep clean” means wiping down the surfaces while having a philosophical debate.

We’ve looked at the top five things students hate about their accommodation and how you can make sure your accommodation deals with these complaints properly.


  1. Awkward storage arrangements in shared spaces

Living with a group of people you don’t know for the first time ever can be hard. This is made even harder if you have five people sharing two kitchen cupboards and three shelves in a fridge. Many students complain about food getting mixed up, kitchens looking cluttered and fights over inadequate shared spaces.

To combat this upset, it’s worth taking the time to make use of all the space that’s available. Whether this means putting up shelves, adding additional storage units to living spaces or clearly labeling different sections, it makes students’ lives easier and your accommodation a lot more attractive too.


  1. Harsh fluorescent lighting

Older-style student accommodation sometimes feel like medical wards, with long corridors, out-of-date carpets and harsh, fluorescent lighting. This is a big issue for students, especially if there are rooms that have little access to natural light.

If you can’t invest in a dramatic lighting overhaul, there are still little things you can do to make rooms feel a bit more welcoming when it comes to lighting. Invest in lampshades (if your lighting allows), new covers for block lights and a variety of lamps. A simple desk lamp can make a massive difference to how welcoming a room feels and creates a completely new vibe.


  1. Uncomfortable and ugly furniture

When choosing somewhere that’s going to be your home for the next year, being faced with ugly, mismatched furniture which is obviously decades old is bound to put anyone off. Students often complain that their chairs, tables, sofas and beds are outdated and uncomfortable. This is such an annoyance that in some cases, students are put off staying in halls for any longer than they are contractually obliged.

As well as this, mismatched furniture with no set style can make a place look messy and unorganised.

It’s worth investing in attractive, comfortable and durable furniture for your student accommodation. From stylish couches to sleek stools, it will make a massive difference for anyone viewing your halls online or in person. As well as this, it will make students feel more house proud, and less homesick.

  1. Constant noise

One of the biggest downfalls of student accommodation is the constant noise levels. Students love to party, but they also love to get enough sleep before a big exam or a 9am lecture.  These things sometimes clash, and the constant noise levels can be a massive issue for a large number of students.

Although there’s nothing you can do to stop people throwing parties or blasting music into the early hours, you can help with soundproofing. Before the students move in, ensure there are no gaps around joists, refrain from laminating floors (stick to carpets) and provide draft blockers to minimise any noise coming under doors. If it’s a problem that keeps persisting, you could always provide tenants with ear plugs!


  1. Boring interiors

The majority of students are going to want to live somewhere that reflects their personality and the vibrancy of youth. Walking into dull, drab, old-fashioned accommodation with everything coloured beige is enough to put anyone off. If a student is faced with accommodation that looks boring and archaic, compared to one that looks fun, modern, bright and young, they’ll always choose the latter.

You don’t have to completely redecorate to create a nicer space either. Little touches here and there, a refresh of furniture and a splash of colour can make a world of difference.

I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do about food thieves, drain blockers and 24-hour party students, but it’s more than worth the effort to change your halls of residence into exciting, modern, spacious homes for all the students looking to move in.

If you’re ready to create a property that students will love, take a look through our product range or request a brochure more information.

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