What furniture do students want in 2017?

Creating that perfect living space is a big task, and as a student landlord or property owner, it’s important to take the time out to consider what is required to ensure residents are happy once they move in and begin their studies.

You must create environments which encourage students to socialise and relax, and that make the perfect spot for late night revision or studying.

The student accommodation market is growing along with rent prices, yet with this growth comes more competitive demands from tenants. Catering to tenants’ needs is one way in which you can create an appealing property.

To help you along the way of this not-so-easy task, we’ve looked into the furniture students require in 2017 and what you should fit out your developments with.

Designed for happiness

There is a whole psychology behind the design of a property. The way you choose to style and lay your room out massively impacts the happiness and well-being of its user, which are both important factors for students.

Incorporate these senses into a property by choosing nice pieces that encourage a comfortable lifestyle and allow your tenants to unwind after long days of sitting exams or writing essays.

Room for personality

If you’re providing furniture for a block of flats or halls, it is tricky to create unique living spaces and common rooms for each separate flat. With do-it-yourself furniture, you are giving your tenants control of how they want their room to look.

The 21st century student lifestyle is all about flexibility and collaboration, so look into how you can future-proof your furniture and provide opportunity for tenants to have their own input on how their room looks and feels.

Do-it-yourself furniture

One popular trend for 2017 is do-it-yourself furniture. These customised collections are made of different parts and allow tenants to assemble the furniture however way they want – whether it’s an armchair, sofa or bed.

Tesse and BLOK provide almost endless opportunities and are therefore perfect for the modern student. No longer do students need to get used to rigid furniture. Instead, it is all adaptable to whatever they need, and is suitable for any mood or occasion.

Let’s get productive

It goes without saying that a student property needs to allow tenants to thrive productively.

The accommodation students choose to live in needs to cater for both socialising and studying. However, not every property has the luxury of separate rooms for study spaces, so you should look into how you can effectively incorporate work spaces, desks, coffee tables, and storage nooks into the design of your room so that textbooks and study materials can be easily and stylishly stored.

The industrial revolution

One of the big interior design trends for 2017 is industrial chic, bringing exposed architectural features to the forefront of the room. With this is mind, the Bertolt or Shoreditch stools both bring in a trendy industrial style which fits right in with this current trend whilst remaining fully-functional.

Set the mood

Lighting has a massive impact on the feel of a room. Even if you’ve set out to create a productive environment, bad lighting can reverse all of your hard work.

The World Green Building Council found that exposure to natural light can help increase productivity levels by up to 18%, so try to incorporate natural light into every room.

If your window space is somewhat limited, look at the colour of the bulbs you’re using. In study areas, bright white lights help aid concentration, but it’s important not to go so bright as to cause headaches. Yellow lights will help sooth and relax, helping your tenants to stay calm.

Bright and vibrant furniture, such as the Campos sofa or the Shamrock study chair will really help lighten up any room, increasing productivity and creating a fun environment at the same time.


Most of all, your accommodation needs to be high-quality and functional.

Think about the furniture which students will get the most use out of, whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen or living space. You want to create environments which are not only productive, but also operational as a property.

If you’re ready to create a property that stands out to your student tenants, take a look through our product range or request a brochure for all the information on what we can do for you.

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